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Server-side scripted export to another server

Question asked by plmorgan_mdp on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by plmorgan_mdp

I need to set up a fully automated process to find and push a set of records from a file hosted on one server (Server A) to a file hosted on a second server (Server B). Suffice to say it is not practical in my situation to host the two files on the same server.


My initial thought is to run a scheduled script on each file--Server A runs a script to find and export a set of files to a delimited text file; Server B runs a script to import the data from the export created by Server A. But from what I've read it does not seem possible to save the export from Server A to a location on Server B using just FileMaker scripting. Is that correct? Do I need some system-level script to copy the file from one server to the other and then set up a script sequence to run the FM script then the system script on Server A?


Or is there a better, simpler way that I'm overlooking?