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    FM16 Webviewer changes. Local storage available! New possibilities.


      There have been a couple of topics dealing with these changes but I thought I would start one specifically to discuss what new possibilities are now available.


      In this thread specially it was brought up that local storage in the web viewer was enabled in FM16.

      Webviewer in FMA16 vs 15

      The way to enable the debugger was also changed as seen here

      FM16 enable webkit debugger?


      I think this is a really nice change with the possibility of using the web viewer in new ways.

      For those not who don't know in JS you can use the variable name "localStorage" or "sessionStorage" to store some information in the browsers database. 


      I haven't had a lot of time to play around with this yet but here are a couple of things I'm looking into trying out.

      1. Store authentication information so when the Webviewer loads a site that requires login it will automatically log in.  Im thinking this will be useful for using the new data api and storing the session key.

      2. Saving the state of the webpage so when the viewer returns to the location the scroll position etc can be restored.

      3. I sometimes like to load data into the web viewer from cwp xml.  It would be nice to store that data and then when they reload the data can just check for changes in the found set and updated accordingly.


      Im sure you all have thought of many more ways this will be handy and I'm looking forward to discussing the topic.