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    An odd change in FM16


      I didn't upgrade to FM15, so I am assuming the following is related to FM16.

      I used to be able to make changes to fields, like adding a conditional formatting or changing a font size without any problems.  With 16 I find that I have to "ungroup" or some other such activity before making these changes.  In some cases it has meant deleting an attached script, making the change and then re-attaching the script.

      I don't see this as a move forward.  But I don't see any other people commenting on it, so have I missed something in the background.

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          Benjamin Fehr

          For us as the developers, the newly introduced 'Layout Objects Window' (editor) is a great and powerful improvement.

          Though it's a new function and as such, I guess FMI will be listening to any feature requests and feedbacks.


          Did you try to select a single object out of a group via the LayoutObjectsWindow?

          Did you use the contextual menu (right-mouse click) in the LayoutObjectsWindow to "Hide all other Objects"?

          Chances are you can achieve what you want with this new functions.


          Some even more flexible editing via LayoutObjectsWindow for individual objects within a group certainly is on the wish list.

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            Many thanks for that.  The Layout Objects Window was indeed the solution.

            The "problem" was occurring in reports rather than entry.


            What I have been looking for is a brief idiots guide to the changes in FM16.  I am a "hobbyist" and most of the output goes over my head.  But point me in the right direction with simple language and I can get along nicely.


            Again many thanks

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              The Layout Objects Window (pallet) really solves a lot of issues, and makes working with complex layouts with stacked objects and grouped buttons much easier.


              But there are a couple of little things like the OP's issue where it seems like the layout tools got "less smart" about what we want to do… or at least "more picky" might be a nicer way of putting it. If I have a grouped button, yes I can use the Layout Objects Window to get to the object inside the group and apply conditional formatting to it… but it would be nice if it were smart enough to know that's what I wanted to do, on the parent object. Some things worked that way in FM15, but require an extra couple of clicks in the Layout Objects Window in 16.


              There are also a couple of things that seem inconsistent with contextual menus when right-clicking on objects in the Layout Objects Window. Some things that you would think would be accessible right there, instead require a trip to the regular menus. For instance, why isn't "Button Setup" in the contextual menu when I click on a button or grouped button in the Layout Objects Window? It would be nice if you had all of the same options as right-clicking on the actual object.

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                I would honestly give up the benefits of the Layout Objects Window to get back direct control over layout objects.

                It's a bad trade-off and until FileMaker improve this I will have to use FM15 for delicate layout work.

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                  I wouldn't go that far, but there are certainly things I hope they address.


                  One annoyance is that if you change the anchor points for a grouped button, the text object within it won't change, which can have some odd visual effects.


                  I wouldn't want to give up the Layout Objects Window. It is way too handy for complex layouts with stacked and nested objects. There are just some things that seem obvious where you would want the traits accessible from the grouped object, like conditional formatting and anchoring. Hopefully FMI makes this great tool a little smarter.