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Web Direct 16 Database not available

Question asked by dchretien on Jun 2, 2017
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I recently upgraded a two-machine deployment for a client.  Everything was working just fine in version 15.  We ran into some complications in installing new SSL certificates, so we begin with the default FileMaker certificates.  We were able to view and open all databases using FileMaker Pro 16, and we were able to open WebDirect-enabled databases using a browser once we replaced the "#" in the URL with a "/".


In trying to resolve the problem with generating certificate requests, we discovered that the server, through the Admin Console, would not delete old requests, and thus would not generate new ones.  Thanks to help from here, we solved that problem, and I was able to get the certificates installed on both the Master Machine and the Worker Machine this morning.


The two machines are connected, and the Admin Console (on each machine) indicates that the certificates are installed and valid.  (It is the same certificate installed on each machine.)


I can see and open all files using FileMaker Pro 16.


When I try to connect to any file using Web Direct (https://theserverfqdn/fmi/webd/thedatabase), I receive a "Database not available" dialog, and nothing opens.


I've verified that the databases to which we are trying to connect are enabled for Web Direct.  Both worker machines (1 is the Master machine, by default with version 16) are running.  I have restarted both servers since installing the certificates.


Created a completely new database with one table, one field, and one user.  Configured it for Web Direct, made sure that the user's privileges allowed access through Web Direct, and uploaded it to the server.  I can connect to it using FileMaker Pro 16, but through Web Direct, I receive the "Database not available" message.


Any suggestions?


My client is becoming desperate, because this is a system that has been used rather heavily, through Web Direct, and now, they're dead in the water until we can resolve this.




--Dennis Chretien