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Can Send Event to replace this Send DDE ?

Question asked by petery009 on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by petery009

Hello, Everyone.

There is a script we use with Send DDE Execute. Recently , it's not working on some of the machines.

We kind of know the reason is because the Windows does not support that anymore in new windows.

So we wonder if Send Event can replace what we did with Send DDE ?


Scripts before: Go to layout [A]

                        Copy All Records/Requests


>> Send DDE Execute [ Service Name: "Excel"; Topic "$Path"; Commnds: [SELECT(\"R2C1\")][PASTE] ]

The $Path is where Excel file is.


Basically , what we do is to copy all records and paste them to the existing excel sheet 's first worksheet.


Hope anyone knows how to do it in Send Event or any idea is appreciated.