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    Any activities before/after conference?




      as many others from far away I don't just come for 3 days, but stay a week.


      So if there are get togethers with attendees or locals, let me know.

      I may myself spend some time doing some visits to Route 66, Tuscon, some mountains and ghost towns to learn more about Arizona.

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          I'm the same ... I'm arriving late on the Friday night before DevCon, and I'll be in Arizona until the following Saturday, giving me a couple of extra free days.

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            As a longtime user of the plugin you've created, I would like to meet with you and possible buy you a drink or 2. I'll only be there Sunday through Thursday, so I'm not sure if I would be able to join you on too many adventures.


            Route 66 (especially through Arizona) is a great route to follow.  If you've ever seen that Disney/Pixar movie Cars, it's actually quite accurate in portraying some of the towns still there.  If you can afford to travel a bit further, the Grand Canyon is something that you have to be there to believe - no amount of pictures will replace the experience.

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