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Querying on portal data in table view

Question asked by mz5005 on Jun 2, 2017
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Imagine Customer and Order info. One customer can of course have more than one order.

An important lay-out we have is customer based and is always used in table view. In the lay-out are several portal fields.

One of the portal fields is the ORDER_DATE field.


Q: if I want to query on the ORDER_DATE field, in such a way that I get all customers who have placed their

LAST order on that date.... how do I do that? (assume that the underlying ORDERS table is sorted on ORDER_DATE)

But it should be directly on the lay-out, not with a script.


If I do it now, I get the above PLUS all customers who have placed orders on the requested date but also at later dates.

Is it possible at all > if so how? If not, what is the way to go - help-field with latest order date maybe?


Happy to receive suggestions!