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WebDirect URL Encoding Change in 16

Question asked by owlinsmith on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by beverly

From FileMaker 16 Release Notes under FileMaker WebDirect:


  • If database names, script names, script parameters, variable names, or variable values contain spaces, the spaces must be URL encoded. A space in script names, parameters, variables, or variable values can cause the browser session to become unresponsive.


What is going on here? Any insights or further commentary? This seems like a big ask of developers and not very FileMaker-like. Is it just in certain circumstances like in the URL or if using JSON or cURL features? Surely not every variable value and script within an entire solution, right? If we have solutions that work in 14 or 15, do we really have to go through and change all this throughout the entire solution to upgrade? Why?


Alan Smith

Austin, TX