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Setting up google oauth for fms on EC2

Question asked by kongphui on Jun 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by kongphui

I am running fms16 on AWS EC2.

I have not able to setup google oauth successfully, and I guess my allowed return url is not correct.

This is because when I tried signing in to my fmp12 file, the option button to sign-in via google is not there, while I have created the user account in my solution file to be authenticated via google.  I have also entered the client id and client secret, which I have got from google api console.


For the allowed returned url, I am using the Public DNS (IPV4) that was shown on the instance description, to substitute into "YourDomain" as in https://YourDomain:sslport/oauth/redirect


I am looking out for anyone who has successfully setup google oauth with their fms running on AWS EC2, on what is the correct allowed returned url to be used.  I did not register a domain name for my EC2, not sure if this is a requisite for the oauth feature to work.