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    Group Launch Center FMP URLs don't use SSL hostname in FMS 15


      Product and version: FMS 15v3

      OS: Windows 2012R2

      Hardware: immaterial, but VMWare VM

      Problem: When using the Group Launch Center feature, the FMP URLS generated by FileMaker Server use the IP address instead of the FQDN from the installed SSL cert. Consequently, when a user tries to open a FileMaker file from the Launch Center they encounter the "scary" SSL warning.

      How to replicate: Starting from In FMS Console on a server that has a public SSL Cert installed, go to General/Administrator Groups, and on the lower tabset, Group Launch Center. Highlight a group ( create one if you don't have any) and check the "Enable Group Launch Center" checkbox.  Click the URL provided below "Group Launch Center is enabled and can be seen at:". Note that thisURL is correctly formatted as "https://fqdnFromCert:16000/groups/GroupName".  On the launch center page, click one of the Pro buttons ( you must have a file in the Administrator group, of course ). The URL created for the button is formulated "fmp://ServerIPaddress/Filename" and so it throws an SSL warning.

      Workaround We can create our own Launch page, with some extra work.