Group Launch Center FMP URLs don't use SSL hostname in FMS 15

Discussion created by Jbsherry on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by Ben

Product and version: FMS 15v3

OS: Windows 2012R2

Hardware: immaterial, but VMWare VM

Problem: When using the Group Launch Center feature, the FMP URLS generated by FileMaker Server use the IP address instead of the FQDN from the installed SSL cert. Consequently, when a user tries to open a FileMaker file from the Launch Center they encounter the "scary" SSL warning.

How to replicate: Starting from In FMS Console on a server that has a public SSL Cert installed, go to General/Administrator Groups, and on the lower tabset, Group Launch Center. Highlight a group ( create one if you don't have any) and check the "Enable Group Launch Center" checkbox.  Click the URL provided below "Group Launch Center is enabled and can be seen at:". Note that thisURL is correctly formatted as "https://fqdnFromCert:16000/groups/GroupName".  On the launch center page, click one of the Pro buttons ( you must have a file in the Administrator group, of course ). The URL created for the button is formulated "fmp://ServerIPaddress/Filename" and so it throws an SSL warning.

Workaround We can create our own Launch page, with some extra work.