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    Trying to remove specific letters from the front of a field


      Hey everyone,


      So I've tried using several other threads to answer this question but my limited filemaker skills aren't allowing me to tweak those solutions to what I need.


      I'm trying to remove specific letters from the front of another field and have the result in that new field. I work in film so every time we roll the camera we have a different take name identifying that specific shot. An example would be Scene 112, Take 3, B Camera. We would write that 112-3b. However there are several variations that can complicate this simple scene number.


      • Sometimes we put a 'V' at the front of a take name if it includes visual effects. Ex: V112-3b.
      • Other times a different camera unit will shoot and we identify that as 'X'. Ex: X112-1a
      • Still other times, we create a scene that inserts between two previously written scenes and throw a letter in to identify it. For instance a new scene may now take place between Scene 112 and Scene 111. We would call that A111
      • Finally, sometimes there is a combination of all of these. Ex: VXA124-6b


      This makes sorting by scene very difficult. Is there anything I could do to write a calculation which removes V's or X's or VX's but leaves things like A's intact? Ex: VXA124 --> A124


      Better yet, is there something that could then move the A to be after the Scene number? Ex: A124 --> 124A


      Thanks so much in advance!