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Display of number with padded leading zeros

Question asked by piaccounting on Jun 2, 2017
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Hello all

I have a situation whereby I want a number field within a table to be sequential but only when a number is required for that record. When the number field is populated I want it displayed with leading zeros - such as 000111, 000112, 000113 etc. on a given layout.  As an auto-enter serial number I can pad the number as required on the Manage database screen and it seems to displays as required. However I cannot seem to achieve the same on a number field through the Inspector Data formatting screen. I cannot see a way to specify a new format.

Would appreciate if anyone can advise whether this is possible. If it is not then I can possibly relate it to another table with the auto-enter serial number as and when required. You might tell me I should do this anyway, but thought I'd ask.


Thank for your help as always.



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