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    Add Account and OAuth


      Has anyone else noticed that you can't script adding an account to add one of the OAuth accounts for Google/Amazon/Microsoft?  Highly disappointing.  Among other things, it means someone managing clients has to have [Full Access] account since it can't be scripted, which is rather dangerous with some people.  I really like to avoid giving staff this privilege. 


      And if they do every fix this, it would be nice if they had a feature that lets you change account privilege sets without having to delete and recreate the account. 

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          No fix, that is on par with the other External Authentication 'accounts' (groups).  The pain is more pronounced here because most of these OAuth rely on individual accounts and not groups.

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            Taylor, I was going to mention this at our session today here in Dallas but thought I'd hold it until we talk about security next month. I haven't actually tried to do this and failed, but yes, it occurred to me that this probably wasn't possible.


            And yes, it hurts, because I've enjoy using my utility database to create and edit user accounts in all my solutions.