Filemaker Preferences won't save and update notification keeps reappearing

Discussion created by wendy on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by wendy

We have users on 9 iMacs (El Capitan) running Filemaker One user, upon starting Filemaker Pro, keeps getting a prompt about a new version, Filemaker 16. (Attached). Checking the box to "Don't tell me about new versions again" is ignored. Clicking Cancel removes the popup and continues loading the program, but the next time Filemaker is started, the same popup appears. What is worse, is that our selections in Preference Settings keep resetting themselves:

- The two "Notify Me..." checkboxes recheck themselves upon the next startup of FM. (Visual attached)

- "Show recently opened files" rechecks itself.

- MEMORY setting reverts from 512 back to 128.


"Check for Updates" under Help says FM Pro is up to date.


I haven't heard about this problem with our other users, and I don't have it myself (I am using up-to-date Advanced on a Mac also running El Capitan.


Anyone else having this problem? I've tried to reset the preferences repeatedly, tried clicking "Learn More" on the notification instead of "Cancel"--nothing seems to work. Each time FM is started the notification appears and the preferences are reset.  Thanks.