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    Please help with maximum simplicity of layout


      Dear friends,

      as always struggling to learn this wondrous but intimidating software :-(


      I wish to achieve a "Put on display" layout which needs to be as streamlined as possible. There are times in which I'll need to go through this hundreds of times a day.


      This layout will be composed of just four fields all of which refer to the Products table:

      1. EAN-13: the barcode of the product
      2. Description: a simple text description of the product
      3. Sales price: the recommended sales price (this will never be empty)
      4. Min price: if you sell below this you will incur in a net loss


      Here is how I imagine the workflow:

      1. Have the cursor in an empty EAN-13 field, scan with the laser gun, an EAN-13 code followed by ENTER is input automatically
      2. Lookup for the EAN-13 code in the product database, if found show the relevant fields; if not found position yourself in the Description field and then the following two Price fields
      3. Click a Next button; update or enter the relevant product record and return to step 1
      4. If finished click a End button to exit this loop and go back to a Main layout with buttons of the various functions I'll develop (amongst which a "Put on display").


      A first behaviour I do not like with the default Layout is that the EAN-13 field shows the barcode of the last entered product and I need a blannk one.


      Second thing I'm not getting right is that the ENTER in the EAN-13 field sent by the laser gun is entered as a char and does not trigger the lookup as I'd wish.


      I'd also need to understand how to setup those two buttons.


      How to instruct the Next button to commit the record and present with a new blank form?


      How to build a button that just jumps to another layout ?


      Please remember I'm an hard headed newbie and if possible explain with detailed infos.


      Thank you in advance

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          I suggest that you use a different field for entering the scanned data. This field will then only show the data you enter from a scan. This can be a field with global storage specified. The data scanned into this field could be used to perform a find, but a relationship that links to the needed table and record by using this field as a match field in a relationship is simpler.


          Note that you can use behavior settings in the Inspector to specify whether the return (Enter key part of the regular keyboard) and/or the enter (Enter key part of the number keypad) causes the focus to move to the next field in your tab order. This can trip a script trigger such as OnObjectSave to run a script, if needed to process the scanned data, though in this case, no script may be needed if you use the relationship that I am recommending.

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            philmfdjunk has good advice.


            Just because something looks simple does not necessarily mean that the underlying process is simple. I would say this is not terribly difficult, but it is not extremely simple either.


            You can use OnObjectModify trigger to run a script when scanned as well.

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              "Simple is hard"

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                erolst wrote:


                "Simple is hard"

                Yep. Generally if something looks simple and easy it means someone put in a lot of work to make it so.

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                  I am so aware of what all of you state: simplicity is hard !!! :-)


                  Would any of you be so generous to whip up a micro example of what you're explaining?


                  I tried finding a sample to understand but failed.


                  Thanks in advance

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                    In this case simple is pretty simple--at least in a demo file. Doing this with a working file could be harder.


                    In your layout's table, define a text field. I'd specify global storage for it and name it something like gScannedBarcode, but this works even if the field is not global.


                    On the relationship graph, drag from gScannedBarcode to the barcode field in an occurrence of your products field. It is very likely that you will need to use the duplicate button (two plus signs) to make a new occurrence of products, but that depends on what other relationships exist in your file.


                    Now add this global field to your layout. Then add the fields from products that you want to see and edit. Be careful to select your fields from the same occurrence of products that you used when setting up this relationship.


                    That's it. You may find that you have to click the layout background in order to see the product info appear. If so, add an onObjectSavevtrigger to perform a script that uses the Commit Records step to do the same thing automatically.

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