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Please help with maximum simplicity of layout

Question asked by rjalex on Jun 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by philmodjunk

Dear friends,

as always struggling to learn this wondrous but intimidating software :-(


I wish to achieve a "Put on display" layout which needs to be as streamlined as possible. There are times in which I'll need to go through this hundreds of times a day.


This layout will be composed of just four fields all of which refer to the Products table:

  1. EAN-13: the barcode of the product
  2. Description: a simple text description of the product
  3. Sales price: the recommended sales price (this will never be empty)
  4. Min price: if you sell below this you will incur in a net loss


Here is how I imagine the workflow:

  1. Have the cursor in an empty EAN-13 field, scan with the laser gun, an EAN-13 code followed by ENTER is input automatically
  2. Lookup for the EAN-13 code in the product database, if found show the relevant fields; if not found position yourself in the Description field and then the following two Price fields
  3. Click a Next button; update or enter the relevant product record and return to step 1
  4. If finished click a End button to exit this loop and go back to a Main layout with buttons of the various functions I'll develop (amongst which a "Put on display").


A first behaviour I do not like with the default Layout is that the EAN-13 field shows the barcode of the last entered product and I need a blannk one.


Second thing I'm not getting right is that the ENTER in the EAN-13 field sent by the laser gun is entered as a char and does not trigger the lookup as I'd wish.


I'd also need to understand how to setup those two buttons.


How to instruct the Next button to commit the record and present with a new blank form?


How to build a button that just jumps to another layout ?


Please remember I'm an hard headed newbie and if possible explain with detailed infos.


Thank you in advance