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Can't reconnect standby server after upgrading to FMS16 - Error 11305

Question asked by alwales on Jun 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2017 by alwales

Hello! I was wondering if anybody else had encountered trouble like mine.


Over the weekend I upgraded one of our (Windows) primary servers and its standby both to FMS16. Everything was by the book, and nothing changed along the way with our well-functioning hardware, OS, or network configurations. I used the fmsadmin standby disconnect procedure in the manual to gracefully disable the connection before upgrading, I upgraded each server in turn, serialized them identically, double-checked that all the settings matched, and checked (from a remote FM desktop client) that the SSL certificates were still working properly on both machines. When I went to reconnect the standby server, I was able to use fmsadmin standby connect to get a setup code for the standby server, the standby server accepted the setup code, but when I pressed enter to complete setup on the Primary server, I got a fairly inscrutable error:



Please type the command below on the standby server (standby.[***].com):

        "fmsadmin standby accept 29220056"

then, press Enter to continue...



PS C:\Users\****> fmsadmin standby accept 29220056

C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Database Server\fmsadmin.exe: really change this machine to standby server?

(y, n) y

username (****):xxxxxxx


Setup code accepted. Return to primary server to complete standby connection.



Initiating standby server connect...

Standby connect command failed. (11305)

Error: 11305 (Standby server authentication error)


I've tried reinstalling FMS16, reissuing new certificates for both the primary and standby servers (GoDaddy certs for specific domains/not wildcard, if that's relevant), rebooted and restarted the service goodness knows how many times... but no dice, nothing I'm seeing in the application or system logs that sheds any light, I can't find error 11305 documented anywhere, and I'm not really sure what to try next. I'd greatly appreciate any advice you might have—to put it as a question, does anyone know what to make of this type of error?