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FMPA16 Not Sharing File While FMP16 shares with FMPGo16

Question asked by gerkmerkin on Jun 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by gerkmerkin

What am I missing?

I downloaded a FMP16 and created a file.  I downloaded FMPGo16 and was able to see the file.  I had a trial version of FMP16.  It expired.  I bought a FMPA16 as I like the Advance product.  I open the same file that I had been sharing from FMP16 to FMP16Go on the upgraded FMPA16 program.  I can not see it.  I went through every checklist I could think of, and opened other programs and the host was not found.


I opened the same file and two others on FMPA15 and all files could be seen on FMPGo16, 15 and 14.  I went back to FMPA16 and opened again and no host found.  I opened the files remotely on FMPA15 and the host was found and the files all opened.


I then downloaded the FMP16 trial on another computer.  I put the same files on that computer via One Drive.  I opened the files on the other computer under FMP16.  I went to the Ipad and opened the files with FMPGo16 and Go15.


SO the bottom line is FMP16 will share and FMPA16 won't, but FMPA15 will.


I did they both FMP16 and FMPA16 on a laptop, and both worked.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the FMPA16.


Same scenario.


Both running Windows 10 Pro.