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Insert From Last (Hotel) Visited

Question asked by billowen on Jun 3, 2017
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I have a Table called Accommodations that lists the hotels a tour is staying in entry fields include DayNumber & Nights (they are staying there).


Using that and referencing the tour start date entered in the Group table, one can enter Day 1 first and the program will display the departure date and then by adding the number of nights, the check out date from that hotel. Example:


Day Number (entry)Arrival Date (calculated)
Check Out Date (calculated)Nights in Stay (entry)


I have been doing the math in my head: Day 1 + 2 (nights), okay manually enter 3 for the 2nd hotel's day number.


FinallyI got courageous and tried the Insert From Last Visited script step and couldn't get it to do anything: it didn't build a new record in the Accommodations table (although I tried with and without New Record step too) and so didn't enter anything (the original day # or the calculation I specified DayNumber + Nights, either).


Do you can see what I should be doing? Thanks!