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    Getting Script Step Text into Discussion...


      Hey Everyone,


      When I participate in these discussions, I see everyone showing their script steps in a perfectly formatted way, like this recent one from erolst...


      Set Variable [ $arrivalDate ; Max ( Stays::Check Out Date ) ]

      Set Variable [ $dayNumber ; Max ( 1 ; $arrivalDate - Min ( Stays::Arrival Date ) ) ]

      Go to Object [ "portal_stays" ]

      Go to Portal Row [ last ]

      Set Field [ Stays::Arrival Date ; $arrivalDate ]

      Set Field [ Stays::DayNumber ; $dayNumber ]

      Go to Field [ Stays::Nights in Stay ]


      I can't imagine that erolst and everyone else is typing this stuff out by hand in the discussion forum. For the life of me, I don't know how to show script steps without typing them out or doing a screen shot. Is there some secret club you have to belong to in order to do this?