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create related records using a checkbox list as the input method

Question asked by on Jun 4, 2017
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Hi All


I have searched everywhere for a solution to this problem with no suitable result. If it something that is not do-able then I am going to move on and stop wasting anymore time. I am between a beginner and intermediate skill level so I need to follow concepts rather literally!


For my solution I am wanting an easy and quicker way for a users to be able to choose their options on a dynamic checkbox list and once the selection(s) are made, a calculation is done, and the related record is added to the related table.


My problem is the following:


I have Table A, Table B and Table C. I would like to click on a pop-over button in Table A (Layout based on Table A), and it display the 'Value List' generated by the values in Table C as a checkbox list. Once a selection is selected, a 'calculation Field' in Table B is activated and the related value is calculated using values from the related Table A and Table C. This process happens for each selection on the checklist. My calculation field is also set-up to display a "0" result is the checkbox is unchecked. Currently when I 'check' a selection in the checkbox list, the calculation ONLY works on the first item on the checkbox list and does not cycle through the other options on the checkbox list and does not update.


The relationship I have set up is a follows:

TableA-----<Table B>-----TableC


TableA::_kpn_id = TableB::_kfn_id_TableA

TableC::_kfn_id = TableB::_kfn_id_TableC


Value List = TableC::_kpn and TableC::ItemName

Calculation field = TableB::TotalValue= TableA::Qty*TableB::X*TableC::Value


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated?


Many thanks !