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    Update FileMaker Go Database With Container Field


      I remember seeing a method of updating FileMaker Go databases using a container field and a script, but have been searching and have been unable to find it again. Has anyone seen this example or know how it works? I know it had some steps to get the FileMaker database out of the container field, rename it, and then import the content from the previous version into the updated database, and then I think delete the older database.

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          Export Field Contents can export the file and assign a specific name to the file as long as the file so named is not in use and currently open. The export field step can also open the file and a subsequent step can perform a script in the exported/opened file that imports records.  Export Records that exports from an empty found set will delete the file named in the script step as long as it is not open.


          So that's at least some of the pieces of what you are looking for, though not all.