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Date formats and importing

Question asked by amsc on Jun 4, 2017
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One of our users recently imported data into our FM system with his computer set to European date formats (dd/mm/yyyy) (our FM system is setup with mm/dd/yyyy, not dd/mm/yyyy).  I was fortunate that the issue was caught almost immediately and we could recover from a backup taken just a few minutes before the import.  (As an aside, FM Cloud's every 20 min snapshots saved me!)


I haven't been able to figure out how to prevent this from occurring again.  I've tried the script step "set use system formats" to both on and off.  I've also tried using the menu option "file options" --> data entry.  Neither of these methods seem to resolve my issue. 


Here's the flow of data:

The data is initially created on other systems (not FM) with mm/dd/yyyy dates (they are exported as csv and excel files).  These csv and excel files retain the dates in mm/dd/yyyy formats.  Our FM database then imports this data via script steps.  If the import occurs on a client computer with european dates (dd/mm/yyyy) the dates are imported as dd/mm/yyyy into our mm/dd/yyyy date system  (i.e. June 1, 2017 comes in as January 6, 2017). 


We are using FM Cloud with a mixture of FM 15 and FM 16 clients. 


I'm certain I'm overlooking something straight forward.  Any help will be greatly appreciated!