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FMG 16 freezes on complex tabbed layouts with portals

Question asked by xenophon61 on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by Alchemist

Hi, and greetings from Athens. This is by no means a straightforward issue, so allow me to provide some context (and sorry for the long post):


I've been using (and developing) a freeware electronic medical records database, since the '90s! It has grown considerably over the years, and works very nicely on current desktop systems running FMP 12+ as well as iOS devices; if you want, please have a look at its home page:


eAtreio homepage (don't worry, it's bilingual - in English and Greek, and the actual fmp12 file is a ~350 Mb .zip download)


Despite the obscurity of its design (and the spaghetti code maintained by an amateur -- my background is in cardiology --), it provides quite a lot of functionality: deployment in multiple locations, as well as iOS devices, and reliable syncing over Wifi or WAN without the need to invest on an FM Server. It's geared toward cardiology (and electrophysiology in particular), but can also be used in other disciplines. Forgive the plug, but I think it's a very solid EMR for individual physicians with limited resources! I hope you don't mind, but I will also repeat that this is freeware/donationware, so any responses will serve a noble cause!


Anyways, on with the problem:


On a particular layout which implements the iOS interface, Filemaker Go 16 (but also the desktop Mac version), gradually grinds to a freeze. A demonstration is available at our (rudimentary) YouTube channel:


- Youtube: Filemaker Go 16 gradually freezing...

- a sample file, with fictitious patients, will be available shortly (currently being downloaded on Dropbox) so that one can simulate the issue: it's a 1.3Gb zipped download


As I pointed out, I'm a seasoned user but certainly not a professional developer. Still, I have tried the following remedies (to no avail):


- switching from Classic to a modern Theme, didn't work

- removing script triggers from tabs and portal rows, did not help

- simplifying the table relationships, didn't do anything

- throwing an occasional hard "Commit Records" also didn't help

- getting out and then back to/from the vulnerable layout, delayed the occurrence of the freeze, but did not prevent it


The only thing I haven't done (and don't plan to, since is would be extremely painful), is to rebuild the layout. My sense is that as everything works without hiccups on FM 15, it shouldn't be an issue.


So there you have it. I would welcome any suggestions and, deep inside, I hope that FM TS will look into this.


Once again, thanks, and greetings from Athens!