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I am starting to write a new solution for my company and especially as I am no longer in New Orleans (Katrina) will need to use FM Pro Server so that everyone can access the data easily.


Each of us works from a home office with varying degrees of internet service, and many of us work in the field.


I feel I should set up FM Pro Server, but I don't wish to use a dedicated machine at my home office, or at anyone else's. The best choices seem to be: set up a rack instance, install my developer's copy of server (the app will be in development for months, but obviously I will want to test it in the server environment), upgrade to a full license when I am ready to deploy or at least test with more people. Alternatively, I could use FM Cloud.


Straight-up: what would someone charge me to set this up? What server should I use?


I could learn how to do it, but it is out of my field of expertise and I would hate to install server on my personal machine in order to practice. I also don't wish to purchase a new computer just to practice, since I would not run the server at my home office in the end.




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