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Set Selection in WebDirect not working

Question asked by jdevans on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by Lisa Rose

Here is my script.


Set Variable [ $cursorpos; Value:Get ( ActiveSelectionStart ) ]

Commit Records/Requests [ No dialog ]

Refresh Portal [ Object Name: "fab.steps.portal" ]

Set Selection [ Fab_Ops_F::x_fabstep_search; Start Position $cursorpos; End Position 0 ]


I have this same functionality in several places in my file. This is but one example. The script has the Commit step, and Refresh Portal step in the middle of the script because the script runs OnObjectModify when a globally stored field  (used as a "Filter-portal-as-you-type" search field) is typed into. Each character that is typed fires the script, which allows the portal to be filtered, then at the end placing the cursor at the end (where the user expects it to be).


However, when the layout using this methodology is viewed in WebDirect, it doesn't work. After about 1 tenth of a second after typing a character into the search field, the cursor goes back to the beginning, instead of to $cursorpos. With this not working as it does in the native FileMaker solution, using Webdirect is a non-starter. Or I'm going to have to completely redesign and create new layouts for Webdirect using a different approach.


I did see a post in the Product Issues forum that was something like my issue, but nothing that was the same issue. Anyone have any advice that they can offer?