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    FM go


      i have an app where i also have iphone screens

      the screens a designed to iphone 6 (375 wide)

      but on iphone 6/7 plus they dont fill the screen

      do I have to also have layouts for all different iphone sizes????

      same with ipad sizes??



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          To some degree, you can make your layouts adaptive to different screens by using the auto-size anchors that you can select for different layout objects using the inspector's position tab.


          As an example, you can put an object in the bottom right corner of the body layout part and change the default anchor settings from top and left to bottom and right. This object, which need not be visible to the user if you use HIde Object When to always hide it will "stretch" your layout to fit any iOS screen. This only resizes the background, but it illustrates the basic idea. You can select other objects to move right and/or down as the screen size increases or you can select opposing anchors to cause the width and/or height of an object to increase as the window increases in size.

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            Here is a sample  Dropbox - iosTest.fmp12 of the technique that PhilModJunk  described in his post.

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              scramble, looks like your file may not be what you intended it to show.


              Maybe something like this file may show what the original poster is looking for.

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                It show exactly what the OP asked, which is making their layout fit different size screens and it contains the same technique that PhilModJunk explains in his post.  Maybe you are on the wrong thread with Folder Creation file. My user name is SChamblee not scramble.  

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                  SChamblee, my apologies for scrambling you name. I usually watch for the spellchecker scrambling words. The file Folder Creation 8.fmp12 was offered as example of using the auto-size anchors on on objects in a layout that auto resize for different screen sizes.

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                    The name of the file didn't indicated that.   I did not have time to look at your file early today.  I try to download / look at all sample files.  Always can learn  something new. 

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                      My sample file was showing how to stretch the screen to different size and then center the other items. It a fast simply method that works in both orientations.   Your method is nice if you plan ahead, but if you have to rebuild layouts it can be very time consuming.  

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                        Thanks Phil,


                        I would flag your answer as solution if I would know how