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    pop-up menu


      Hi there,

      I have a pop-up menu, the problem it shows only the first value. if I try to select another value it changes rapidly to the first one !!

      any ideas please?


      thanks in advance

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          You'll need to describe your database in more detail. Check to see if you have an auto-enter field option--either a looked up value setting or a calculation that might be changing the value on you.


          Beyond that, please describe the set up for your pop up menu's value list in much more detail.

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            Dear Phil,

            Thank you very much for your reply, I can explain the problem as follows:

            suppose there is a pop-up  contains the following values:






            Each element is a field in a record in a related table. The record also contains other fields. Suppose there is a field called value contains the follows:







            what I need is when I select the element B,  in fact I need its corresponding value which is 120 in this example.


            hope this clear enough


            again thank you very much

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              That does not explain what you posted first:


              if I try to select another value it changes rapidly to the first one !!

              What you describe is a basic "use values from field" value list combined with  either a dynamic link or a look up or auto-enter option all made possible by a relationship. This is a very common thing to find in FileMaker solutions.


              Say you have a layout based on a table named "invoice". In your value list, you want to select a customer and see the customer's contact info automatically appear on the invoice layout after selecting the customer. This first requires a relationship:


              Invoices>----Customers (>---- means "many to one")

              Invoices::_fkCustomerID = Customers::__pkCustomerID    (__pkCustomerID would be the primary key in Customers.)


              You can then set up a "use values from field" value list that lists values from Customers where field 1 is __pkCustomerID and Field 2 is the customer name. When you select a customer by name, the value list enters the ID.


              You then use one of three methods to show information from Customers:


              Define fields in Invoices that use the looked up value setting to copy info from Customers.

              Define auto-enter calculations that copy info from customers

              Put the actual fields from Customers on your Invoices layout.


              It's important to understand the difference between a dynamic link--just putting the fields from customers on the invoices layout and a look up that copies the data. If you later edit this information in customers, the data that was copied does not change, but if you use a dynamic link, the customer data on your invoices layout will automatically update. Both approaches are useful in different situations.

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                Thank you very much.