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    Make an App


      Hello everyone,

      I will like to know if there is a way to launch a mobile app(iOS and Android) without using FilemekerGo.

      Of course creating the app on Filemaker pro 15.


      Thank you all!

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          FileMaker has an iOS SDK that will create an app of your FM file.  Look on their website for the SDK.

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            first of all, FileMaker GO runs only on iOS. For both of these platforms, you can connect to an app located on a FileMaker server using a Web Browser, this is called Web Direct. On iOS, FileMaker Go will provide the best experience.


            If you are talking of a standalone app, then on iOS you could use the FileMaker app SDK (can't recall the exact name): on a Mac, you can bring together FMGO and the FIleMake app and the create an app that will run without installing FMGO.

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              Thank you very much for this valuable information.