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    FM Cloud Creation Issue


      Has anyone else gotten this? 



      An error occurred during the creation of your FileMaker Cloud instance. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

      Your cloud stack will be deleted from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudFormation Management Console.  (BTW this does not happen.)

      You will not incur charges for your current AWS subscription to FileMaker Cloud. However, you will need to return to your AWS account, cancel the current subscription (cannot find where this is done), and purchase FileMaker Cloud again.


      FileMaker, Inc."


      I get this email from FM every time I try to create an instance of FM Cloud.  The AWS instance gets created just fine.  I've tried everything I can of including generating new keys.  It's supposed to be up and running in 20 minutes or less.


      I've also found that the support staff at FM uses old screen shots to walk you through creation.  That's really not good.


      I am very skeptical about hosting a DB in AWS.

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          My advice would be to keep calling FMI until you get someone who will actually help you.

          There must be a problem or some reason it is not working. I have done it before and it works for me.


          You can also report this in the Product issue area: Report a Product Issue


          FMI seems to keep a good eye on the issues community area. The more details the better.

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            Note that we offer FileMaker hosting services competitive with FileMaker Cloud/AWS pricing, and we include *full management* with our packages.  This means we set the server up for you, hand you access to the FileMaker Server Admin console and you go - no need to configure at the OS level, though we certainly give you access to such.  You also get a full FileMaker Server install with our services, without the limitations of Cloud.


            Please contact me privately here or off-list to jmay(at)pointinspace.com for further details.  Thanks!


            - John

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              Can you walk us through the deployment process you are doing?  Have you watched the videos posted to YouTube?  Are you doing a BYOL or purchasing user connections directly from AWS Marketplace?

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                It is great to seeanand_vaghela here and he is one of the people at FMI that can really help you if you have a found a problem with FMC.

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                  Hello Anand.  The issue began when I did not realize that FM Cloud creates an AWS instance automatically.  I thought I had to create an AWS first.  When I mistakenly terminated the AWS instance created by FM Cloud the problem began.


                  So now I have the problem of Converting the License.  The off boarding of the FMS License pulled from historical instances has not given me an FMS 16 5 User License to apply.  It has given me many others which are not what I need.


                  That's it in a nutshell.

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                    Send me a private message with your email address - see how we can address