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Knowledge Base Support Account??

Question asked by bigtom on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by bigtom

I actually had a need to look for something in the mess that is the FM KB and was confronted with a login. I selected to use the same login as I do with community and I was given a message that my account was no good or disabled. What is going on?


Ok, I get that FMI may have some new scheme to force anyone who wants to access the KB to create an account and login( I do not like this idea ). However why does it need a separate account? If I am going through all this hassle maybe they can fix the KB to provide useful search results.


If I know the exact article I need to reference I can fine it but it takes a bit. If I am looking for something new and I do not know the article title I get some of the worst irrelevant search result of and KB I have ever used.


While on the rant here there are a lot of bad search results on Google for FM resources. This is largely due to the bad KB, but I had a links on Google for DevCon 2017 linking to DevCon 2016.


Does anyone have any answers or insight on any of this?