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    FM 16 and ESS Bug


      I am able to reproduce this on multiple occasions now. I have a Filemaker 16 application that is primarily a front end of ESS tables. MS SQL server. Working with a simple users table throughout the day. Periodically it seems to lose track of some of the records. Doing a hard refresh has no effect. Yesterday the all record set went from 9-7. No one else is in the file. Doing a find for one of the missing records still, shows nothing. Opening up the same application in 15 on the same machine and all the records are there. Quit 16 and open it again and the full set is back.


      This has also happened with a much larger solution of mixed FMP tables and ESS. Same symptom. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this or has some thoughts on what might be going on.


      Also, I seem to have misplaced the link for reporting bugs so if someone has that please respond.




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          For one client we are using FMS 16, FMP clients, all Windows, and are not having this issue on 4,000 MS SQL records. Are you using FM server or just FM client? Also, have you tried a different version of the ODBC driver, just to see if this makes a difference?



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            We are using the server. The SQL server driver is 6.01 I guess I need ot look at the 16 specs closer and see if it needs a newer driver

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              FM does have some nasty ESS caching issues in which I would cut off my right arm for FMI to fix.   You'll always suffer from this.


              Anyway, I do know that if SQL Server does a DROP + CREATE command on a VIEW (for example), then FM will not show any errors but the records will all instantly be misaligned.    You have to restart FM Server any time there is a SQL Server "rollout".   I found this out with our SQL Server team where doing DROP+CREATEs in their sql scripts.



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                So it does look like the MS SQL driver is several versions behind. I reached out to the hosting service to see if we can update that without upsetting something else. Strange that it should suddenly break in 16 when 15 seems to require newer drivers also.

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                  So I am trying to drill down on this.

                  Which ODBC data sources/drivers are supported with External SQL Data Sources? | FileMaker


                  This link I think is telling me what driver and version of SQL servers are compatible. They way I read it 16 is backward compatible with the older versions of SQL Server so in this case, we have SQL Server 2005 running. Since we never had any issues until we started using the 16 clients against 15 servers with the SQL server 2005 I am thinking this is a real bug.


                  If I read this wrong and 16 is not backward compatible that would seem crazy since it would only work with SQL Server 2014/2016


                  Can someone confirm?

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                    FM 12 was the last version certified to run on SQL Server 2005, and apparently versions 13, 14, 15 also worked with your specific configuration. Now even SQL Server 2008 has been officially dropped, and although in my situation are OK with 2008 we have to be careful.


                    2005 was dropped officially quite some time ago, and by adding SQL Server 2016 I'm not surprised that 2005 became flakey.

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                      Lee Snover and I have found issues with finds and find related operations (e.g. selection of records to display in a portal) Using FMP 16 with FMS 15.


                      ESS db's are Oracle (Lee) and MySQL (me)


                      Problem is erratic and intermittent and so hard to reproduce consistently



                      Typical symptoms I have seen:


                      --A find finds some the correct records and a lot of incorrect ones


                      --A portal shows rows that do not meet the relationship spec.


                      --A calculation based on related fields retrieves data from the wrong row(s) in the related table


                      Restarting the client fixes these problems. These problems never occurred with FMP15/FMS15


                      I am hoping that moving to FMS 16/FMP 16 will fix the issues


                      DAN : have you experienced issues using FMP16/FMS16 or just FMP15/FMS16?

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                        I have one server running 16 against 16 and the proper MSSQL drivers. So far it has not had issues but it is very lightly used. Are you using the supported versions of the Drivers andMySQL and Oracle DB. It does seem that 16 client is a lot less tolerant of older drivers and DB's

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                          Fir Mysql I am using the oracle unicode v.5.3 driver - which is the latest one.



                          Note it FMS that uses the driver and retrieves the data, not the client. This issue is the way FM16 client interacts with FMS 15 . Note the syptoms with Oracle am MySql are identical — so I think this is an issue with FM rather with any particular driver or ESS database type.