Case Statement to name a  date range

Discussion created by EssexBiker on Jun 6, 2017
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Hello,  all from a wet and windy, Blighty.


I am being so dense today and now have spaghetti for brains.


I have a date field (SaleDate)  and a calculation field (SaleTerm)


Whichever way I write a Case statement I can't get to populate the (SaleTerm) with the correct value.




If the  SalesDate is 01 Sept 2016 to 31 Dec 2016 inclusive SaleTerm should be "Term 1"

01 Jan 17  to 31 March 17  "Term 2"

01 April 17 to  31 July 17 "Term 3"


I know it's going to be so easy, but my head is in a right pickle now I have tried a multitude of permutations!


Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance Guys and Gals