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    What script command can cause keys not to get recognized?


      Hi everyone,


      I'm having a problem with keyboard keys not being recognized in an edit box (search box) if I type very fast.


      This only happen when I type very fast, if I type 1 letter at a time, I won't have this problem, but I don't like to wait for the letter one at a time.


      I like to ask what script command can cause these problem?


      This is related to my earlier post

      Combining Flexsearch & Popup pickers


      The problem starts on the 3rd letter or [Space] keys


      Example if I have to type "apple", it will recognized "ap", then it will freeze a bit, then type "aple", something like that.

      Also if there is a space in between like "black hole", if i type "ck hole", it will recognized the "ck", freeze a bit but it will be "ckfreeze" after.


      Thanks for you help!

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