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Discussion created by goldencode on Jun 6, 2017
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Hello everyone,


I am using the Invoices Starter Solution that is provided by Filemaker Pro 15 Advanced


In the table Products, each product has a quantity, now lets assume that i'm selling Mobiles and the quantity i have is 10 Mobiles, and because i'm lucky a customer wanted to buy 4 Mobiles, i'v created an invoice for him and the remaining Mobiles in my inventory are 6.


The question is, how am i supposed to create a Field (Remaining Quantity) in the table Products that will change according to the sold quantity? In other words i want to track the remaining quantity, i have been trying to reach out a solution the past couple days with no luck, my brain stopped working, therefore i'm here to get your assistance,


Please help, and thank you so much for your valuable time.