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      For the first time I am regretting upgrading Filemaker.  In this case the server. 


      I stopped the FMS15.  I copied the three data files to a different folder.  I uninstalled FMS15, and installed FMS16.  I used Filemaker Pro to upload the files.  The first was a new one, never used on the server. 


      I got a message that the file could not be uploaded because it did not meet the guidelines for security.  So I tried to upload one of the files previously on FMS15.  FileMaker Pro 16 could not open the file for the extreme corruption. 


      So I went to the Network Admin to get the copies of the three files from backup last night.  There were no files backed up.  He asked if the files were always OPEN, to which I answered yes.  We use Commvault to back up.  There is an agent to backup open files.  It did not work.  So I must have done something incorrectly.


      I have only been running FMS15 for a couple weeks.  So I opened the local copy of one to upload to the server. It would not upload for the same reason as the first file.  But it had no problem uploading to FMS15.


      Can someone tell me how security changed that I am experiencing the failure? 

      Two of the users tgarrett and ap.po have temp passwords with the checkmark to change on next sign-in.  Is that the problem?  Admin and thill have their unique passwords.  I am very confused, and frustrated.

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          TKnTexas55 wrote:


          We use Commvault to back up. There is an agent to backup open files. It did not work. So I must have done something incorrectly.



          Read the FileMaker Server installation instructions!  It's all there in black and white.

          Only use FileMaker Servers inbuilt backup functionality.  You can copy a backup out of FileMakers backup folder when the backup is not being performed.  Don't run any virus scanning or automatic backup software on the FileMaker Server folder. FileMaker server has the files open all the time so your commvault backup will not work, or it will corrupt the files when attempting to perform a backup.  Even if you did not read the instructions for FMServer you should have found this out by now when you checked if a backup had occurred sometime in the last 2 weeks.


          As for security it has changed.  Files now require a password for all administrator accounts, and also not to have auto-login to an admin account turned on for the file.  You can turn that requirement off in the server admin console and then your files will upload happily.

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            Carl, thank you for your assistance.  


            Two of the files are populated with data from our accounting system, and it was easy enough to take the originals that were left after the upload, and bring them forward.


            The third file was a little trickier, but I reconstructed that one.  That is one shared by the Billing Clerk and Myself.  As soon as it was uploaded she could see it, and access it.  She uses FMP14.


            My coworker uses FMP13.  She could access the files when I used FMS15.  With the upgrade to FMS16, she cannot see even seem.  She is temporarily accessing via WebDirect.  We will be upgrading the computers in accounting to use FMP16 uniformly. 

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              Howdy, neighbor!


              Carl's given you the correct answer. There's nothing wrong with Server 16, in fact, I think it's marvellous. But it sounds as if you've missed some very important best practices info. And these aren't really "best practices," they're "do it this way or your scr*wed" practices.


              In short:


              1. Use Server's scheduling function to schedule backups -- daily, weekly, hourly, whatever makes sense. Send the backups to a folder on the server. (Or just use the default.) Then configure your third-party backing up software to BACKUP THE BACKUPS FOLDER ONLY. Don't let it TOUCH the folder or folders where your live databases are stored.
              2. Every file on the server should require a login. NEVER upload a file with username = "Admin" and no password. (I never allow files to be opened automatically with a specified account and password, either.)


              Off top of my ten-ounce hat, I can't think of any reason why your FMP 13 user can't see the files on the FMS 16 when was able to see them on FMS 15. But is it really necessary for her to SEE the file before opening? And is she going to the correct server address? Try creating an opener file on your machine that opens the file (or files) she needs on server, then give her that opener file and see if that works.


              Good luck!


              Will (also in Texas)

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                I can't think of any reason why your FMP 13 user can't see the files on the FMS 16 when was able to see them on FMS 15.

                FMS 16 requires FM14v4 and later.

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                  All, well that would explain it! Somehow hadn't picked up on that! None of my clients are still on 13 so it has not been an issue and I must have missed it in the documentation. Thanks for the tip, Peter.

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                    No problem, it was only on my mind because I just watched a webinar that happened to give the specs.

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                      Thanks to everyone for the assist.  I introduced Filemaker to my company and accounting.  So I am the "expert" on site.  This is my first to use FMS since version 5.5.  I got the developer subscription to demonstrate the versatility. 


                      William-Porter I will see you next month at Egg & I. 

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                        Okay, great, see you next month. Please be sure to (re)introduce yourself

                        because your handle here is cryptic!

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                          I'm so glad to hear that you got your data back!

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                            William-Porter wrote:


                            In short:


                            1. ...Then configure your third-party backing up software to BACKUP THE BACKUPS FOLDER ONLY. Don't let it TOUCH the folder or folders where your live databases are stored.

                            Just pointing out one caveat, don't allow the backup software to touch the backup folder when a backup is in progress.  Commvaults automatic backup system may corrupt the backups, best to use a schedule.

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                              Update:  I upgraded my coworker to FMP15A (having an extra license at the moment).  So she is able to see the apps.  All is good there.


                              I have notified our Data Center Manager to turn off the Commvault backup, for now.  I went to log in to the Console, and I am not able to enter.  There is a SPINNING thing in the upper right corner of the browser window.  I do not want to restart the Server OS without stopping FMS. 

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                                you can close the file and stop the db engine from the command line on the server:


                                fmsadmin close


                                fmsadmin stop server