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    From where can i download  FMSD16 ?


      From where can i download FMSD16

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          FMI sends out an email with your license key and a download link.  If you just purchased, it may take up to 24 hours  for the email.  If you lost the email link then you will have to call tech support to have them to resend the link.   I recommend adding the link to your favorites or bookmarking and making backup copies of the download.

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            I'm already subscribed

            I have the code, the code is on the page, but I do not have the download link.

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              What you get on FileMaker Developer Subscriber page is the license key for the Pre-release version of FMS for FDS. On the same page there is a link called FileMaker Server 16 Development License Software. Click on this link. You will read under Access Software:


              Active FileMaker Developer Subscription members are eligible to receive the FileMaker Developer Subscription Server software. Beginning with the release of FileMaker 16, the delivery of this benefit will no longer be located on the FileMaker Community. Instead, FileMaker will send an email to the subscriber email address. The email will come from orders@filemaker.com. This software is no longer available through this Access Benefits area in FileMaker Community.


              If you do not receive this email by May 12, 2017 email customer_support@filemaker.com.

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