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FileMaker iOS SDK app freezes after first launch or asks to log into files again.

Question asked by user14060 on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by FileKraft

We built our first app with the FM iOS SDK and have had two problems that we can't seem to find a solution for:


  1. After the first open and initial launch of the app is successful, occasionally the later times the app is launched, it will be stuck at the "launch icon" and not move past it. Once this issue occurs, only way to resolve is to restart the whole iPad, a force quit does not resolve the problem.
  2. Sometimes if the application does launch it will bring up the standard filmmaker file re-login dialog even though the file is already logged in and opened locally on the device.
    1. I found this article that may relate to some of my issues but I do not understand how exactly I can call a close file script trigger, if all they are doing is clicking the home button. Does the close file script trigger run after iOS decides to hibernate the app?