FMPA 16 bug: searching & renaming scripts

Discussion created by scottworld on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by scottworld

This is a new bug in FMPA 16:


We often search for scripts that are all named something similar, and then we rename them to make them even more similar. However, this has proven to be very difficult in FMPA 16 because of a new bug.


Here's how you can replicate this bug:


1. Open Script Workspace.

2. Search for some words where you know you will get multiple script results. For example, search for the words "Go To" if you know that you have multiple scripts entitled "Go To Contacts", "Go To Invoices", "Go To Purchase Orders", etc.

3. Okay, now that you have all your script results in the left margin, it's time to start renaming our scripts! So let's say that you want to change the names of your scripts to "View Contacts", "View Invoices", "View Purchase Orders". HERE'S THE BUG: As soon as you rename the first script so that it no longer matches your search term, the search clears itself out! Ack!! This might not seem like a problem if you only have 5 scripts in your database and you can easily see them all, but if you have hundreds of scripts, this is a real problem!

4. Compare this to the proper behavior in FMPA 15: In FMPA 15, after performing a script search, you were still able to rename as many scripts as you wanted to -- WITHOUT the search being lost!


Can you guys please fix this behavior so that it works properly -- just like it did in FMPA 15?