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Container thumbnail rendering issues

Question asked by justinc on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by Stephen Huston

I have been trying to improve the performance of a list view layout and have run into some oddities or issues with a container field.  The layout in question is a list view that has an image shown on it in each row.  It's not huge - 58x87 (WxH).


* The Image container field is local to the layout's base table.   (I de-normalized these thumbnails - along with nearly everything else shown on the layout.  The Body part objects that are shown at first rendering are all local to the base table.)

* I recently reconfigured the DB (File -> Manage -> Containers) to enable Thumbnails and to Permanently store them.

* I am using FMPA 15.03, and the file is hosted on FMS 15.03 also.

* The container field on the layout is configured to 'reduce or enlarge' the image.


Considering that I'm trying to improve the performance of the layout (i.e. scrolling to be smooth and quick - no hesitations or lag)

1)  Is there a better way to configure the DB to store these images, for better performance?


2)  The caching in 15:

       When I close the file and reopen it (not restarting FM itself, just closing the file), and navigate to this layout, the images will again show the 'Loading...' symbol the first time through.  I can scroll down the page and easily out-pace the ability of FM to load the images and it just shows the gray circle.  But once I have slowly stepped through the entire list so that all the images have loaded up, it scrolls quite nicely - there is no lag and no stray loading of images.

     Isn't 15 supposed to retain the cache between file closings?  I would expect the same 'no lag and no loading of images' behavior in 15 after closing the file - IF the cache were being maintained and IF the thumbnails were being permanently stored.