Client switched email to Gmail app, Filemaker Go can't send email

Discussion created by on Jun 6, 2017
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Has anyone ran into this problem with Gmail:


A client hosts their email (using their domain so you can't see that it's Gmail). They now use the Gmail mail app, not the one from apple on the iPhone.


So now, in Filemaker Go, when it tries to send an email (with or without an attachment), the Gmail app just ignores it. It's not in an outbox, or sent or anywhere.


How do I configure Filemaker Go to recognize this email app? Or is this a Gmail issue? Is there something I have to set in settings on the phone?


Any help would be greatly helpful as I'm no expert on email.  :-(



(Filemaker Go worked flawlessly with the mail program from Apple on the iPhone before they switched to Gmail hosted mail....