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Importing Excel records spanning multiple rows

Question asked by sergiog on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by onefish


I have a long list of Contacts in Excel format that I want to import into FileMaker.

The main problem is that each record span over multiple rows (up to 20 rows in same cases) and when importing into FM, each row will be considered a single record

Creating new fields for each "lang 1" / "lang 2" is not a vible option as besides being very time consuming it will result in an extremely long row

The original Excel table looks something like this:


Vendor NameLang 1
Lang 2ServiceRate
Jonh DoeEnglishChineseA$1.0


Pierre DupontEnglishFrenchB
Russian FrenchA


To complicate matters further, the table contains a variety of merged cells...

Is there any "easy" or logical way to accomplish this without having to modify every single record manually?

My knowlege on FM, and DB in general, is rather limited.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated.