Basic Charts

Discussion created by raykennedy on Jun 6, 2017
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It's the simple things that seem to trick me up sometimes. Never really did much with charts in FMP.


Just testing out one now where I want to get number of sales shown on y axis in a line chart by month/year on the x axis but want them grouped by month  so it would show in Jan there were 4 sales and March 2 sales etc instead of individually like it is showing in the screen shot.


I attached some screen shots to better illustrate my setup. The problem is that it won't group the dates by month. I did notice one thing in the graph on the x axis when I select date I get a question mark and will only show month and year if I have number selected. The Field it is a date field and these were imported as dates with no errors. Is it possible FMP is still not recognizing it as a date but that would be odd since it is able to decipher Month Name and Year based off that field when calculated.

I do have this sorted by the date so not sure why it is not working. If anyone recognizes something I did wrong, please feel free to point that out. I got a feeling I am missing something probably pretty obvious.