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    Reconnect button not working


      When filemaker desktop disconnects automatically from filemaker server, it shows reconnect button.


      If I click on reconnect button, it never reconnects back. I need to reconnect again by choosing the file from the recents list.


      What is going wrong here?

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          Yes, that is common.  It will try a reconnect, but if it fails, it just dumps everything (closes all windows of that file). 


          It sure would be nice if you could hit reconnect and if it failed, it just lets you know it fails, but it doesn't close out everything.  It would be nice to wait another minute and try again.  Sometimes this is happening because of a reboot of the server or something that would make the service available a short time later.  And not loosing what I have open sometimes would be real nice.  For now I play the game of screen capture to see where I was before disconnecting which is a pain too. 

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            Sounds like something to post as a Product Idea here in the forum.

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              yeah, this is a complete disaster. It's a shame in todays world we have to deal with such a non resilient connection.

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                I think i got it to work once. Pretty useless screen and not a graceful process. I still have reconnect issues from FMGo that FMI cannot figure out since v14. This is one area that FM really needs to improve on.

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                  I am currently using a 50 Meg Comcast connection. When I connect my iPhone to a db on my laptop using Pro, the connections are often timey and they can get dropped. Using the motels WiFi causes drops and maybe its the nature of Comcast and Cable to have an intermittent connection. It is stressed with 20+ connections at times.


                  When I switch to my ancient E900 WiFi router and use it for both, the connections are more solid and its just me, twice.


                  I also avoid using the Require Reauthentication option for Full Access. This seems to let me stay connected for long periods of time.


                  GO over cellular is a victim of cellular, not GO or FileMaker Server. The telco originally designed its phones to drop connections and reconnect which is not that noticeable over voice or movies which download faster than they show but for dbs it canbe a problem.


                  Try using GO on a private WiFi network with no internet between you and the server. See if the performance is better.

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                    My reconnect issues are the same from multiple devices to multiple servers with multiple files with multiple versions. One of which is AC Wifi LAN connection 15 ft away from router with a clear line of sight connection. The issue is with Go or Server. Not the connection.

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                      I agree that GOs connectivity thingy stinks a bit...


                      It works a bit better after creating the IP addres via the Hosts button and the + button and entering the host address.


                      But...this eventually breaks also...

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                        FM Client, Go, Web Direct..It all stinks when it comes to connection resiliency..

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                          Switching to the Recent button in the launch window and finding the proper icon for the server and file, seems to work just fine. Ignore the Hosts button which drags its feet and may have connections for many servers.


                          These files in the Recent section can also be pinned us the document icon with the check, taping on the icon, and then the pin icon.