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How to deploy multiple apps for different companies

Question asked by pietergorisio on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by bigtom

Dear all,



Last year I got into FM to help out a friend. I build him an application that could track his clients, products, stock and invoices.

After a while it became more stable and more expanded.

Now I'm getting the question from other companies to deploy the same application to them.

Question: How do I do that properly?



- between 5 and 10 companies will run a somewhat similar app (started from the same basic structure) all adapted to their own needs. Own logo, colours, reporting.

- Every app is used by mostly 1 person in their company + myself for updates and dev work.

- Every app will have it's own data. (own products, clients, etc etc)

- I want to be able to connect to the same data they are connected too without having to go to their local machine. (I can't go across the entire country to fix a calculation field for example)

- They can't see each others app.


How do I do this best?

Can I put everything into one AWS cloud with 10 users, or onto 1 single server license with 10 users.

What else is needed? They all need a Filemaker Pro license (single use) locally to connect to the server?



Many many thanks for your 2 cents, your ideas and input.

I'm still fresh in this so excuse the newbie questions.



Best regards,