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    Global Modification Timestamp Issue


      Why is my Global Modification Timestamp resetting to "Blank" whenever I close and open my Filemaker file? Anyone can shed any light?

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          that just the way global fields behave.

          A global fields default state is whatever was in it the last time the file was closed when opened LOCALLY ( not hosted ).

          In your case the global field was empty the last time it was closed so every time it is opened it will be empty.

          You should also consider that globals are unique to a session i.e. if you have a global field named Name user Tom can have Name show "tom" while user Mary can have Name show "mary".

          Tom will never be able to see Marys name field and vice versa.


          Global Fields: An Overview | FileMaker

          Working with Global Fields | FileMaker

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            If you need data to be globally available, but where everyone sees the same value and changes to the field's value "stick", there are two approaches you can use to get that result:


            Set up a non global field in a table for storing the value. Use OnFirstWIndowOpen trigger in File Options to run a script each time the file is opened. Use that script to set the global field to the value of the non global field. To make a change to the value in this field that "sticks", edit the non-global field's value.


            Set up the same non-global field and use the Cartesian join operator (X) to link occurrences of this table to every table occurrence in your solution where you need access to this value.


            The first option makes for a simpler relationship graph, but changes only appear to other users when they next open the file.


            The second option can add a lot of TO's to your relationshp graph, but any change made is instantly visible/accessible to all users.

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              I'll try that. Thank you very much sir!