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    Can't select pop-up/radio/checkbox using Bluetooth keyboard on iPad


      I am trying to do data entry using a Bluetooth Apple keyboard connected to my iPad, which is using FileMaker Go to connect to a database hosted on FMPA16. I've tested this with FM Go 14, 15, and 16.


      On a new record, I can use tab navigation to navigate to a field that is formatted as a pop-up menu, checkbox, or radio set, however there is no way for me to navigate between and/or select the options.


      I've attached a test file where this can be verified:

      - Open in FMP, turn on sharing for the file

      - Open in FM Go on iPad

      - Connect Bluetooth keyboard to iPad

      - New record (cursor automatically enters field A)

      - Tab to field B (pop-up menu expands)


      Expected behaviour:

      - I should be able to use the Bluetooth keyboard's arrow keys, letter keys, return/enter, spacebar, or something to select one of the options

      - I should be able to tab out of the field using the keyboard


      Actual behaviour:

      - FM becomes effectively unresponsive until I use my finger or a stylus to tap the screen (either to select a popover option or to tap outside the popover menu to close it)

      - Pressing Tab will enter the field but will not enter it

      - Pressing shift-tab will go to the next field instead of the previous field.


      In addition to the frustration, I imagine this is also an accessibility problem, unless I'm missing something obvious.


      I apologize if this is a duplicate report; I tried searching for similar reports but couldn't find any using the search parameters I tried.


      - RG>