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    FM16 Change of behavior, setting variable repetition


      Product and version FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced v1

      OS and version Mac OS 10.11.6

      Hardware Mac mini (Late 2014)


      Setting a Script variable with a repetition based on a primary key.  i.e.: $$Var[primary key].  This works perfectly in FileMaker 15, but no longer seems to work in FM 16.


      How to replicate

      In FM15

      Have a Primary Key field as UUID.

      i.e.: a__kp_PRODUCT = E2D0A6D8-95E4-43AD-A60A-3956491694C4

      Run a script with line:

      Set Variable [ $$poQTY[PRODUCT::a__kp_PRODUCT] ; Value: PRODUCT::v_PO_Qty ]

      This will generate a variable as such (with v_PO_Qty = 2):

      $$poQTY[2068954436039564916944]  = 2


      Try this in FM16 and it seems to grab a random ID (see screenshot).  I extended the variable out in the FM 16 script to see if it made any difference!  It didn't


      Workaround (if any)

      None found.