Help on simple input device on FM

Discussion created by Reiter25 on Jun 7, 2017
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have listend to the Lynda trainings online, but I got not a lot of answers what I like to do. This is a real simple thing here, or it should be. But I am stuck with 2 things: the report in Excel and reset the counter to 0.


Let me explain:



  • The FM should be a simple input to say if the person call the customer before riding or not. YES and NO
  • When he chooses one of this option he has a few possibilities to say why. With ticking the box.
  • So now I would like to send this info via mail in Excel file and that we can analyse how many times he choses yes or no with wich reason
  • Is is possible to put a little chart on the FM GO to that the person has a statistic of his choices.
  • A last thing, is it possible to set the counter of calls he does per day at 0 at midnight, so he begins the all always with 0 - but if this is not possible it not so important.


Thanks a lot for your help.