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    Odd Field Issue FM 16 Adv


      The environment: Windows 10 / FM 16 Advanced


      The Issue: List Layout. I duplicate a field. the inspector's data tab correctly shows the source.

      Then I configured the field as a button - single step and I get this...

      The only data attributes I can access is Hide Object When everything else is grayed out.


      Then I duplicated the field and removed the button no change to the data attributes.


      I started development as a single file. Then changed it to separation model.


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          Setting a field or other object as a button turns it into a group. In FM16 you have to use the new Layout Objects palette to select the field within the group.


          I agree that it's weird that it remains a group even after you remove the button attribute. The fix is to un-group it, but you should still report this as a bug.

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            I'm not sure if this is technically bug. It is definitely a change in behavior. As soon as I select it in Layout Objects Pallet all the data attributes light up!


            Just have to get used to the new feature.