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Line Chart Multiple Values against Different Dates

Question asked by raykennedy on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by philmodjunk

This might be a unique request or unique circumstance.

Wanted to see if it was possible to have two different value series on the same line chart. I see that it allows for this but it seems limited for my purpose.


In my table I have a field for "Closed Date" and a field for "Contract Date". I created two summary count fields for "NumberSold" and NumberContracts". Just to clarify I would like to compare on the same chart if feasible, in a line format, what months took contracts and what months took sales. There is a specific purpose for this but it does not seem that the charts allow for this since I am using two different dates.


Is there another way to list all 12 months and plot the summary count fields for both the number of sold and number that took contracts per month?


Maybe create a table with months only in it and use that as the x-axis than create the month field in the related table corresponding to the month in the table made solely for months, if that make sense. Can charts take data from two different tables if you relate them?


Hopefully my explanation makes sense.